sk planter, Cement planter, Concrete, cute planter, owl planter, painted concrete owl

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    • $59.90

sk planter, Cement planter, Concrete, cute planter, owl planter, painted concrete owl

Owl face planter. A unique design. One of a kind.

Modern concrete flower pot ideal for succulents or cactus. A perfect decoration for your contemporary home and office.

High quality concrete. Succulent planter for home decoration.

It is entirely 100% handmade. A masterpiece of minimal architecture. It is a rare decoration object.For office decor, home decor.

The bottom of planter has a cork pad, so your furniture will not be damaged.

You can change the atmosphere of your room, desk or table. You can use it for collecting small objects or coins.

Perfectly imperfect, You may notice some minor imperfections such as bubbles, voids and pin holes. These imperfections bring out the natural look of our brutal concrete object.

Our concrete formula is special. Our companies self created special mixture design. Our mixture design has the characteristics of GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced concrete) and UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete).

It can be used for living rooms, Bedrooms, Offices and it is a great gift too! Very special present for your friends and family.

Our ducts are sent without cactus because they will be damaged during cargo cess.

Material: Special mix concrete
Color: Painted by brush
Areas of Usage: You can use it to increase the quality of weddings, cocktails and all kinds of invitation tables,and to add different, simple, minimalist atmosphere. and also can be used in your homes, offices.

-In the case of hot / cold liquid contact, clean the duct with a dry cloth.
-Do not use detergent or any chemicals for cleaning.

8.5 cm
11.5 cm